Optimal Positions – Basketball

Please note: Although the names may be stronger lower on the lists, the lists are meant to reflect strength in depth. For instance, Lebron and Carmelo have an argument to be on the top line, but there is a significant drop off after them in the Small Forward position. The lists are also based on professional basketball and that comes into play with the coaches. ENTJs(Calipari, Pitino) and ISTJs(Wooden, Coach K) would stake a bigger claim in college basketball.



  1. ESFP – Magic Johnson, Isiah Thomas, Chris Paul
  2. ISTP – John Stockton, Jason Kidd, Derrick Rose
  3. ISFP – Rajon Rondo, Kevin Johnson, Chauncey Billups


  1. ISFP – Kobe Bryant, Clyde Drexler, Dwyane Wade
  2. ISTP – Michael Jordan, Reggie Miller, Jerry West
  3. ESFP – James Harden, Ray Allen, Allan Houston


  1. ISTP – Tracy McGrady, Larry Bird, Reggie Lewis
  2. ISFP – Paul Pierce, John Havlicek, Scottie Pippen
  3. INFP – Julius Erving, Grant Hill, Alex English
  4. ESFP – Lebron James, Carmelo Anthony, Ron Artest


  1. ISTP – Shaquille O’Neal, Hakeem Olajuwon, Moses Malone
  2. INFP – Dirk Nowitzki, Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Artis Gilmore
  3. ISFP – Anthony Davis, Tim Duncan, Robert Parish
  4. ESFP – Charles Barkley, Al Jefferson, Dennis Rodman
  5. ESTP – Karl Malone, Wilt Chamberlain, Amare Stoudemire
  6. ENTP – Bill Russell, Chris Bosh, Andrew Bogut


  1. INTJ – Don Nelson, Phil Jackson, Gregg Popovich
  2. ISTP – Jerry Sloan, Doc Rivers, Bobby Knight
  3. ENTP – Red Auerbach, Erik Spoelstra, Larry Brown

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